Love Yoga – Day 16 – The Ordeal | Ali Kamenova Yoga

Are you able to face your deepest fears? That is often wanted in occasions of transformation, development, awakening.

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Let’s Circulate with Ease and Power

Take pleasure in this video. I might love to listen to from you.
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29 thoughts on “Love Yoga – Day 16 – The Ordeal | Ali Kamenova Yoga”

  1. Great class Ali! Once again….As always. 🙂 Such gentle and mindful flows with those intervals that take it up just that one notch to feeling it but not being overly drained. Such perfect way again, of introducing the awesome teachings that you do….<3

  2. Ali! I am thankful for this class! Great practice! And the ending meditation/relaxation was so relieving! Thanks and love in your way always. Isabel

  3. Unbelievable! I feel like a phoenix arising from the ashes. And yes, there is an impressive difference between at least how I dived into this challenge and where I am now. And I couldn’t have done it without you, Ali! Thank you so much! Namaste ❤️🙏🏼🧘🏻‍♀️

  4. Oh my I did the day 14. Well that was a trail and fear. That was a challenge!😂 Yes very truthful
    Class Ali. I got a little disappointed at first but face the challenge. Yes hard but I sure felt good to meet the challenge. This evening taught me to face life with strength and ease will come. I learned to flow and weed off negative thoughts that get into why I couldn't face my challenges. Loved loved this class because it is life lessons that are challenges. Thank you for you are a great teacher! Good evening Namaste

  5. In this practice did not feel like I was going to be sore the next day but with my monthly I am extremely sore this morning so I am thanking God that day 17 is only 30 minutes. I'll tell you what any other woman out there having a tougher time with that time of the month after you have a baby? I never used to have symptoms whatsoever and now my back cramps terribly. I'll probably delete this part of the message after people respond I hate that YouTube doesn't have private messaging and posting on videos, I hope they get that soon LOL just a side note

  6. After 15 days, I noticed that my figure has improved, my back is straight, my posture is more correct and strong. I also love this daily light muscle pain 🙂 So I stay with you, Ali on Love yoga and train still 🙂 Today 16:)))

  7. Thanks Ali 🙂 <3 , love this class, i'm feeling energized, relaxed and ready for this saturday 😀 and ready to challenge myself in this day 😀

  8. Sweaty, happy, looking forward for the next one. My dreams about early workout become the true. I was hanging so long to find a motivation for daily and early workout, thank you! Everyday I'm more flexible, more confident, more happy within. I realized that we need to feel a passion,a kind of fire inside. If we don't have it in our life we become a zombie. It's easier to control us, our thoughts, our desires. This state is very common in nowadays world – we need to find our own light and you help so many of us to reach it. THANK YOU!

  9. Dear Ali, I've always wanted to have a daily yoga practice, and thanks to you it's become a reality! Every day for the past 16 days I've been on the mat. I love love love your beautiful words and guidance. Back pain from an old weightlifting injury has significantly improved, and I feel more present in my body than I ever have. Thank you so much! I hope you continue with another daily journey. Much love <3

  10. Thank you Ali, for yet another beautiful class! it was challenging at times but not too much, still managable and enjoyable! Thank you for making me feel better in my own body <3<3<3

  11. Ali, you are my hero..Thank you very much to sharing this amazing journey of love 🧘‍♀️ , I am waiting every day this journey to relax my body and mind. Namaste beautiful Ali 🥰❤️😍

  12. I'm second time in this journey and I'm trying to learn more and more. I'm much more stronger than before the first class and it's very impressing me. Today was very special, because I realised that my deep purpose is to believe in myself. It wasn't a thought, it was a feeling within, I thought I will start to crying in a middle of class.

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